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About Us

Established in 2004, by Josephine Brennan King and her husband Carl King, idanceirish has quickly become one of the world’s leading online Irish Dancing Shops.

At Idanceirish, our focus is on providing our customers worldwide with a professional, friendly and helpful service and we pride ourselves on providing educated staff, all of whom are involved and experienced in the world of Irish Dancing.

The Idanceirish online Irish dance shop offers a comprehensive range of heavy shoes and pumps, wigs and hair accessories, socks, clothing, music and gifts. We cater from Beginner to championship level and stock all leading brands including,

  • Idanceirish
  • Hullachan Pro
  • Fays, Rutherford, Antonio Pacelli
  • Camelia Rose

Our worldwide customers choose idanceirish because of:

  • Convenience
  • Reliability
  • Excellent customer service
  • Competitive pricing &
  • 30 years of Irish Dance experience

Josephine Brennan King ADCRG

A qualified Irish Dance teacher and adjudicator with An Coimisiun Le Rine Gaelacha, Josephine not only manages Idanceirish but still finds time to teach aspiring Irish Dancers in her own dance school and adjudicate all over the world.

Josephine has been involved in Irish Dancing for over 30 years. She began her Irish Dancing Career under the guidance of Vourneen O’Conner in Belfast and following an illustrious career, where she enjoyed success at Provincial, All Ireland and World Level, Josephine went on to join Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance”. As Dance Captain and one of the principal dancers in the show, Josephine enjoyed 6 years touring the world with this internationally acclaimed show.

Josephine is also a qualified School teacher and has taught English and Theatre studies to A’ level. Currently she is also working as a GCSE Examiner for CCEA in N. Ireland.

Carl King

As one of the directors of Idanceirish, Carl brings with him 20 years of entertainment experience. Before establishing Idanceirish in Ireland, Carl was based in the USA for 20 years. During this time, his work encompassed the management, coordination and organization of many prestigious events such as the USA Presidential Inauguration, live Television events, corporate, convention and live entertainment.

His introduction to the world of entertainment was in 1986 working for Feld entertainment, on the inaugural world tour of Walt Disney’s World on Ice. Since this auspicious beginning, he has worked with such world renowned acts as Aerosmith, Chicago, Garth Brookes, Natalie Cole, WWF and Moody Blues.

He entered the world of Irish Dancing in 1997 when he joined the production crew of Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance”. During his 7 years with this show, he held the position of Production and Tour Manager for the North American troupe.
Now based in Ireland, Carl brings his wealth of experience, professionalism and talent to Idanceirish.

The Idanceirish online Irish Dancing Shop is dedicated to the promotion, representation and development of Irish Dancing in Ireland and beyond and continues to lead the way in the Irish Dance Market today.

Secure Purchase, Fast Delivery

All purchases are secured using Worldpay & Paypal  to ensure that your details are kept safe at all times. Our huge stocks mean that your delivery will be dispatched fast, and be with you in under 5 days from the time of your order.

Instructions for putting on a wig

  1. If putting a quiff/bump in the front of the hair, always use a “Bumpit” for a softer, more even effect.  Leave the desired amount of hair down at the front.  Then insert the “Bumpit” and comb the hair over the top of it, covering it completely and securing the hair in place with a large clip.
  2. Put the child’s hair in two pony tails.  One at the very top of the head, the other at the nap of her neck.
  3. Twist the top pony tail into a bun and secure with large clips.
  4. Put a donut over the bun to add the required extra height to the wig
  5. Put the wig on from the top.  Get the child to hold her head back.  Secure the comb into the top bun.
  6. Get the child to look down and stretch the wig under the bottom pony tail and secure the comb.
  7. Push all access hair up under the wig.  This can be clipped or plaited if it is easier.
  8. When clipping the wig on start at the ears. Use the long, strong clips in the correct colour for the best result. There is a little thumb grasp in the wig cap. Pull this forward to the ear and clip.  Do the same at the other side.  Then add clips where needed to secure the wig.  Be careful to clip into the cap only, do not catch the curls as this will make the wig frizz.
  9. Do not under any circumstances put clips through the main body of the wig.  This is not needed.
  10. When securing the hair band/ tiara, push it firmly back against the wig. Use whatever your hair accessory is to frame and shape the wig.  Cover the sides of the band/tiara with the wig.

For choice of colours, please refer to the chart below.

wig colours

Shoe Guide

When choosing Irish Dancing Shoes or pumps there are a few things to consider:

  • Think of the experience of the dancer
  • Think of Budget
  • Think of the level that the dancer dances at, i.e beginner
  • Think if the dancer is very competitive or dancing recreationally

Generally speaking Irish Dancing Pumps will be worn a size smaller than the dancer’s street shoe. This is to ensure that the dancer gets a good arch and point in their feet when dancing. However, if the dancer is a raw beginner or dancing recreationally and not competitively, then the pump can be fitted bigger to give comfort and provide growing room. For the competitive dancer, the pump must be fitted like a glove and the dancer is required to stretch it out over time so it will not fit comfortably to begin with.

Please see the individual Irish Dancing pumps we have in our online shop for a more detailed description of the products. The individual descriptions will determine which type/brand of pump will suit your dancer’s needs the best.

Irish Dancing Heavy Shoes are generally worn the same size as the dancer’s street shoe size.

The brands are differentiated by the type of tips and heels on the shoes. Please see the individual products for a more detailed description of each shoe. This will determine the best shoe to meet your dancer’s requirements. Please note Fays Heavy Shoes are one of the narrowest and neat fitting shoes available for dancers of all levels. They prove to be very popular with Championship level dancers.

If you are in doubt about which product would suit best, please consult with your Irish Dancing teacher or contact one of our experienced, helpful staff for some advice.

Children’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart – Inches to International

Shoe_Sizing_Guide _Children_jpeg


Adults Shoe Size Conversion Chart


Class Orders

At idanceirish we provide a full range of class gear including shorts, polo shirts, Tracksuits, beginner skirts and anything else you would like for your class. All garments can be embroidered or printed with your own class logo, in colours of your choice.

We also offer class discounts on all our shoes, pumps, socks, wigs etc. if a class teacher or representative places the order.  Considerable discounts offered.

Please contact us for further consultation and prices at Josephine@idanceirish.com or call us on
+ 44 (0) 2844831043

Wholesale orders

idanceirish provides a wholesale service to other retailers and we ship worldwide.  We currently sell to a number of Retail Stores and Vendors worlwide and we would welcome your business in this growing number.  If you have a business and are interested in receiving further information about our company,  please contact us at Josephine@idanceirish.com or call us on
+ 44 (0) 2844 831043. We will be happy to supply you whatever your business needs.

Privacy Note: At idanceirish Ltd, we are comitted to ensuring your privacy.  Be assured that idanceirish Ltd does not sell or exchange any information about customers with 3rd parties.